Participatory democracy

problem tree

This is now a normal _and useful_ way of working. This month, I have live-drawn in remote mode for Agen Agglomération and their two online meetings "Active Citizens". This group of european middle-sized cities are working on "driving change for better cities". Their specific topic is : "From representative democracy to participatory democracy", a hard but exiting task they handle together.

Here a sample of the live drawings executed during the meetings; you can also have a look on the customer reviews.

Above: The PROBLEM TREE is a tool used in the URBACT method; it's a "graphical representation of an existing problem, its causes and effects which aims to get a clear and shared understanding of the issue". Every members have worked on it before the numeric meeting.

How should work a city council
How should work a city council


For each group, the purpose of the meetings was to present the vision of their own city in 2031; i.e. with all current concerns solved. 


Live drawings are also an entertainment; here a resume of the "caméra café" parody video realized by the team of Agen; a very fun way to present the expectations on participatory democracy for 2031.


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